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5 Things Board Members and Volunteers Can Do to get a Gold Star

1. Take time each day to check the organization’s social media pages, and like, share, comment, and “check in” on social media whenever you are representing the organization.

2. Tell someone – at least one person – each week about the board you serve on and share why you are passionate about the organization, or what drew you to the cause.

3. Invite someone new for a tour of the organization, or to meet with the Executive Director or Director of Development once a month or at least every other month.

4. Host a soiree at your home or a happy hour at a restaurant and share the wonderful things about the organization and ask them for support or to be an ambassador for the organization.

5. Invite the Executive Director and Director of Development to other events when you have unfilled seats at your company’s table and introduce them to your acquaintances at the event.

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